Mt. Sinabung Eruption Affects Human Population and Crops

Mount-Sinabung-EruptionOn Thursday morning, an eruption of Mount Sinabung has led thousands of people to vacate their homes in the Tanah Karo district of North Sumatra. The eruption occurred again by noon on the very same day.

The volcano erupted at 6:57 in morning on Thursday and ashes spewed to a height of 7,000 meters. However, at the time of second eruption, at 11:54 a. m., the ashes spewed to a height of 5,000 meters.

Sinabung Erupts Third Time in Three Months

Sinabung-EruptsAccording to a new report, Mount Sinabung, north of Sumatra Island, has erupted for the third time in three months. This volcanic eruption was too high that its ashes fled up to five kilometers into the sky. This volcano was inactive from the past four centuries and erupted for the first time in August 2010.