Tehran wants to share nuclear knowledge with UAE

Mohammad-Reza-FayyazMohammad Reza Fayyaz, Tehran’s ambassador in UAE, has informed that their country is all ready to share their nuclear expertise with UAE. This will be in all areas that are related to nuclear study and nuclear energy is also going to be included.

Quake results in death of five and 26 injured

According to Iranian state television, Southern Iran was hit by an earthquake sending tremors across the Persian Gulf and trembling the skyscrapers of Dubai in which at least five people were killed and 26 got injured.

It was a magnitude six quake which struck about 850 miles south of capital Tehran, in the region of Bandar Abbas, according to the countries seismological centre reports.
Officially no causalities were reported by the TV .Tremors also caused power outage and bought slight damages on Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf