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Walter the Blind Sea Otter is Recovering, says Doctor

Blind-Sea-OtterAccording to a latest report, Watler, who is a sea oater, has been found suffering due to many gunshot wounds. According to sources, the animal was found off the coast of Tofino in the month of October.

A sea otter is a marine mammal native to the coasts of the northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean.

Sea Otter Condition Serious, say Doctors

Sea-OtterAs per a new report, a sea otter is fighting for its life after being shot with the gun on its head and the body at the Vancouver Aquarium. Dr. Martin Haulena, Vancouver Aquarium veterinarian, said that he likes the energy of the sea otter in grasping its food.

Health Canada had Approved Prescribing of Drug as part of Vancouver Project

Prescribing-DrugA set of rules were announced by the Harper government on Thursday on legal use of heroine for addicts in clinical researches. It aimed at denying heroin to addicts in Vancouver who are involved in clinical research.

Escapee Horse Hits Two Persons

HorseOfficials have confirmed lately that on Thursday afternoon, two fairgoers have been injured by an escapee horse, which ran away from the PNE's stall in Vancouver.

It was around 4:35 p. m. PT when the incident occurred. It has been found that the runaway horse had partaken in a cattle-penning event then.

Vancouver Company Plans to Provide Earthlings with Spectacular Views from Space

EarthlingsA Vancouver-based company, UrtheCast, is looking forward to capture a real-time video of earth with the help of two cameras mounted on the International Space Station. The company seems to follow the footsteps of Canadian astronauts Chris Hadfield.

Cougar can be Easily Found Swimming off the Vancouver Island

Cougar-SwimmingOn July 14, during their fishing trip in Nootka Sound off Vancouver Island, Todd Culos and his brother Adam spotted something swimming really fast towards them. They were returning back that time and were accompanied by their guide Graham Nielsen, who is the owner of Nielsen's Lodge in Tahsis, a village on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Space Station Works for the Monitoring of Disaster

International-Space-StationIn a recent announcement from International Space Station (ISS) it has been said that the astronauts are trying to gear up to capture imagery taken for a good disaster response. According to them, new sensors will be installed on the orbital outpost.

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