Lack of Vaccination Responsible for Measles Outbreak in Europe

MeaslesThere is an outburst of measles in Europe and the World Health Organizations has asked European countries to make their people take MMR vaccine.

As per a WHO report, there are as much as 36 European countries which have been afflicted with measles and all this has happened due leniency in the behavior of people to take MMR vaccines.

Six people have died in France and other 7,288 were hospitalized, about 1,000 people in England and Wales have been confirmed for measles which is almost thrice the number of cases recorded last year, 347.

This is only about Europe; leave aside countries across the continent. Not only in Europe, but also in other countries, it has happened due to decline in the number of people taking vaccine. It seems that dream of WHO to eliminate measles by 2015 would be now a farfetched goal.

The Regional Director for WHO Europe, Zsuzsanna Jakab said, “Every country in the European region must take the opportunity now to raise coverage amongst susceptible populations, improve surveillance and severely reduce measles virus circulation before the approaching measles high season”.

There is a great possibility that those who have missed MMR vaccine during childhood could face problem now, and that is quiet evident from the fact that they see number of people at elderly age, said a Spokesperson from the Health Protection Agency.

This is the reason that they are not only focusing on children but also on parents. If adults feel their immunity level is on decline then they should consult their doctor immediately. Measles is something quite infectious and could be fatal sometimes.

The risk of getting measles would remain till you do not get vaccinated, so those travelling abroad should get them checked and then move on to other place, said HPA.