Bed Bugs Could Multiple Swiftly

Bed Bugs Could Multiple SwiftlyPeople need to be careful as bed bugs have started taking toll on the lives of people as they are multiplying and spreading swiftly. A few bed bugs in the treated building can multiple in number within a matter of few days.

A preliminary research on genetic diversity in bed bug populations was recently presented by Coby Schal and Ed Vargo, entomologists at North Carolina State University, at the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. In the meeting, the two entomologists said, “We kept discovering the same thing. Within a given apartment, or even a given building, there was extremely low genetic diversity. In most cases there’s just a single female that founded the population”.

According to the research, a single female is capable of producing million of offspring as she is open for intercourse with a large number of male bed bugs. It is for the very first time when researchers highlighted peculiar nature of female bed bugs.

It has been further noted that these days the bed bugs have become resistant to insecticides. It means they are difficult to be eradicated from the infected area. An apartment infected with bed bugs transfer the bugs to other apartment as well.

Bed bugs rely on human and animal blood for survival. They suck blood and are often difficult to see from naked eyes. Rajeev Vaidyanathan, of SRI International, is at the moment working on devising tests which could inform people about bed bugs before they start sucking blood of people.

Rajeev Vaidyanathan said that the prevalent bed bugs’ diagnosis measures are ineffective and useless. It is hoped that the new method thus formed would help in detecting bed bugs before they start taking toll over the lives of people. However, by maintain hygiene, one can prevent bed bugs from bothering them.