CAB Fears Rising Complaints over Energy Bills

CAB Fears Rising Complaints over Energy BillsThere are lingering concerns for rising energy bills this time also for those living in the Dean. With the winters round the corner, there are fair chances that energy bills would increase more. If the Forest's Citizens Advice Bureau is to be believed, there are expecting to receive calls from the householder and businesses which are facing such shortage of energy.

“Many people have come to us with problems affording their energy bills in the last year and we're worried even more people will need help this winter”, said Lynn Teague, the Manager of Forest of Dean Citizens Advice.

Meanwhile, it has been known that the Coventry Citizen's Advice Bureau's scheme has been made a part of the schools to ensure that problems faced by parents are not left unattended, thereby giving them the required space to share their woes.

There are reports that indicated that staff at Coventry Citizen’s Advice Bureau has managed to reach out to parents who have not been able to attend counseling sessions. These sessions are meant for parents struggling with various issues.

There is a need to reach out to such parents and that’s why the staff is also being trained. There are two parents right now who are being counseled by them. One of them is suffering from health concerns and has even faced domestic abuse, while the other is told to have lost her employment support allowance. It’s being believed that there must be steps taken forward so that such issues could be dealt with professionalism as well as full empathy.

Even CAB Partnership Manager Emma Shires has endorsed the model and has claimed that so far, it has been found to be a success. There is a need that such cases are being catered to and so far, the CAB had done pretty well.