Little Angels Born On the Eve Of Christmas

Princess-Royal-Maternity-HospitalSome parents’ happiness got doubled when their babies were born on Christmas. In Scotland, the first baby to be born on the eve of Christmas was Gabija, who was born at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow to Irene and Darius Smulkstiene.

The baby girl weighs 7lb 9oz and is said to be doing well. Only one minute after, Aleasha Campbell and Steven Todd from Edinburgh got their Christmas gift. They were blessed with baby girl, Lily, reported Edinburgh Hospital.

Kelly Simpson inn Elgin also received their gift at 1.08 am with the arrival of Kianna. Her grandmother was found to be happiest as now her grand-daughter shares her birthday with her. Another woman, Ms Simpson also delivered her fourth child on Christmas at Dr Gray’s hospital. She said her baby is Santa’s gift as for next two weeks she was not due for delivery.

Ms. Simmson said, “Funnily enough, I took my three children to see Santa on Friday. He asked me what I would like for Christmas and I said, ‘I would like my baby’, so I think I met the real Santa”.

St John’s Hospital, at Livingston in West Lothian informed that the first baby they delivered on Christmas was a baby boy, Jackson who was born to Heather and Derek Brown. He weighed 9lb 10oz and is said to be doing very well. His parents said they have received best Christmas gift till now.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital in Renfrewshire delivered their first Christmas baby at 3.43am. Jack was 8lb 3oz at the time of delivery. His father who is museum consultant said he is so happy that he was born on Christmas.

Festival charm has got multiplied with him and next year he said they would organize a big birthday party for him.