Scottish Children Have Best Oral Hygiene

Oral-HygieneA National Dental Inspection Programme report has revealed that Scottish children have the best dental record. The dentists say that it is all due to the investment they have made in children dentistry and now they are reaping benefits of it.

About 70% of the children have no signs of tooth decay, which is 10% more than the target being given by ministers. It is good news, but it should also be kept in mind that the festive season is round the corner, so dental hygiene becomes all the more important.

Scotland’s Chief Dentist Margie Taylor said since March 2007 to till now they have successfully registered additional four million children in their dental hygiene programme. They hope number keeps on adding with such swift only.

It’s Merry making time so they cannot ask children to not to eat or avoid sugary delights, but it has to be make sure that they follow brush tooth regime daily. It is also advised that children should avoid binging on chocolates and other sugary things in between meal time.

The Public Health Minister, Michael Matheson, said, “This is tremendous progress and is a sign that we are reaping the reward of our significant investment in children's dentistry. However, it is important to make sure that we maintain this good oral health record over Christmas and New Year”.

Now, it has all the more important that they should maintain this kind of record. They have been repeatedly asking children to brush their teeth twice, morning and evening. This would greatly help them to prevent teeth damage.

The Scottish Government said they are extremely happy to see such success. Dental health records have never been such good. Now it is up to parents that they make sure that children stick to teeth-brushing routine and continue to raise the bar with every posing year.