Australia Gearing Up To Deal with Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcohol-Drug-AbuseOn the New Year eve, we all pledges to improve our life by not indulging into bad habits and by giving up our unhealthy lifestyle. Similarly, the Australian Medical Association President Steve Hambleton has asked the Federal Government to come up with a better policy which would put greater emphasis over the health of the kids.

Dr. Hambleton said, “Government policy needs to address the inequities in income distribution that are associated with health disadvantage. Access to health services needs to be improved for children and their families”.

It has been pinpointed that the financial crisis of Europe might be hitting Australia next year. Therefore, the government has been asked to make provision for the kids belonging to lower income group so that they are least affected.

It has been unveiled that pregnancy rates are quite high among the kids belonging to poor families. Obesity, drug abuse and alcohol are other few factors which holds potential of putting the future of kids at stake.

It is high time for the government to take necessary steps so that the predicted problem could be solved without compromising with the future of kids. The alcohol companies have been accused of using certain marketing tools which has the potential of targeting young minds. Advertisements on internet are the example of it.

Dr. Hambleton has urged the government to take necessary steps to free the youth from the grips of alcohol. Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has also asked the alcohol companies to make marketing decisions smartly rather than being driven by profit motives.

It is hoped that the coming New Year would free Australian kids from the grips of obesity, alcohol abuse and drug abuse. It is necessary for the government to take action against the rampant drug and alcohol abuse.