Quebec Family Survives Poisonous Gas

Poisonous-GasTimely call to agencies for help has fortunately saved the life of a Quebec family, which could have been dead under the effect of a poisonous gas leakage.

We can credit the lady of the family for acting bravely to save her family’s life from the effect of the poisonous carbon monoxide gas that she found affecting her and her family members as well when she woke up in the midnight but felt sick and fell.

The mother from Gatineau, Que is Mrs. Silva Tanguay, 45. Mrs. Tanguay woke up at around 3.45 am on Friday, but felt nauseous while she was trying to go to the washroom and suddenly collapsed on the floor.

She soon started crying for the help, which soon were heard by her husband Jeff Tanguay, 48. The Couple's 15-year-old son Yann also woke up soon vomiting.

On noticing such unusual effect on his family members, Mr. Jeff Tanguay immediately called 911 for help.

"By then, we realized it was not just my wife", Tanguay said. "It was everybody".

Soon firefighters and paramedics reached Quebec family’s house and saved the lives of Tanguay's son and his wife who were fading in and out of consciousness.

Firefighters noticed that the family members are under the effect of the poisonous carbon monoxide, higher levels of which were found in several parts of the house. Around 8,500% more than the normal amount was detected in other parts, whereas the entrance of the house had 3,000% higher CO than the normal figures.

Soon, all the family members including Mrs. Silva Tanguay, Mr. Jeff Tanguay, Yann and his 12-year-old son Rowen were admitted in to the hospital for treatment.