MIT's AgeLab Develops AGNES Suit

MIT's AgeLab Develops AGNES SuitA recent research has revealed "Age Gain Now Empathy System"(AGNES), which is told to have been developed by MIT's AgeLab. This has been found that this could allow one feel about how it feels to be 75 years old with arthritis and diabetes. While many would feel it naturally, this suit would allow one to have the feeling before they reach at that age.

There is a lot said about what all problems one may face at later stage of life, and this new suit seems to have given all the possible answers. There has been a lot talked about what elders must do and don't do but this is for the first time that one can actually feel what their life would be when they will reach over 60.

This suit has been made keeping all factors in mind, however, assurance is being given about wearing it. There are shoes which could offer a feeling of imbalance, with braces on the knees and elbows limit joint mobility. It also has gloves which would make one feel decreased strength and limited mobility in hands and wrists, and it has earplugs which could make one wonder if they have difficulty in hearing.

Moreover, the suit has a helmet with straps attached to it, which could make one feel pressure on spine and there are special straps attached to the shoes to make sure that there is limited flexibility given to legs.

"The three words we associate with wearing AGNES are fatigue, friction and frustration", said Joseph Coughlin, the Director of the AgeLab, who along with his team has been working on this concept for quite a long time now.

It is being told that the suit was recently used by a group of students working on a design for an updated walker and even many clothing companies, car companies and retail goods companies have used the same to get into the minds of customers.