Melbournian Mother Wins Order to Keep Daughter off Street

MelbourneAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a Melbourne court has recently outlawed a Melbournian father from forcing his eight-year-old daughter to go on the streets for busking.

A lawyer hired by the mother of the girl has confirmed the news. He said that the girl was being forced by her father for playing an instrument and singing songs on the streets. In addition, the lawyer claimed that her father always kept all the money the poor girl used to make.

“I don't think that she kept any of (the money) herself”, said the lawyer. During the court trial, the mother of the girl presented various images of girl playing a busker on the streets of the city.

The evidence tendered in front of Melbourne’s Federal Magistrates' Court during the course of the prevailing custody dispute among the parents of the girl. Earlier, the girl’s mother applied for a number of court orders, counting the one which included the clause of forbidding the father from taking his daughter for busking.

However, the court orders have been sought by both of them and as per the order of the court; the girl will be living with them. The magistrate of the court gave his verdict for the betterment of the girl, declaring that she will live with her mother.

However, the court ruled out the plea as per which the girl’s mother was seeking a urine drug screening to be done on the father each time he is allowed to spend time with his daughter.

While declaring his verdict, the magistrate said: “The concern is that if the father's time with the child from now on does not commence until after he has complied with this order, that (the child) will not see her father at all”.