Contraceptive Pills Ease off Menstrual Pain, Reveals Study

Menstrual-PainResearchers have got to know a fact which women knew for a very long time. A research that got published in the journal Human Reproduction has revealed that contraceptive pills reduce the pain that women witness during periods.

The research was led by Dr. Ingela Lindh from the Gothenburg University who said that the menstrual pain that is known as dysmenorrhoea happens for the couple of days. It is more severe in young girls of 19 to 24 and then gets reduced with age.

The main cause of this unbearable pain is the hormone known as prostaglandins. It gets produced during this time by the lining of the womb to make sure that it contracts. Now, the study researchers are saying that contraceptive pills help in preventing the production of prostaglandins which results in less pain.

However, this research would not be a big revelation for readers as millions of women already know about this concept and also uses this formula during these days.

In order to get at above conclusion, the study researchers enrolled 1,300 volunteers who were between 19 and 24. They conducted the experiment in which they looked at the three different perspectives such as level of pain, their age and height.

Dr. Lindh noticed, “By comparing women at different ages, it was possible to demonstrate the influence of contraceptive pills on the occurrence and severity of dysmenorrhoea, at the same time taking into account possible changes due to increasing age”.

Through the research, it also got revealed that those young women who do not take pills during this time witness more pain than the women who take pills. As per their one to 10 point scale, the researchers realized that the pills were effective to relieve the pain by one point.