The Pushy Parents Lead To Depressed Children

DepressedIt has recently been revealed that the pressures being exerted on children by their parents tend to make them depressed ad heartbroken. A new study is of the view that the demanding parents who want their children to excel everywhere and are constantly nagging at them for the same are actually making their children breed in a low self-esteem, and feel low about their selves.

It could also lead to depression if things go on for a long time. In a new book 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother', it has been revealed by the author, Amy Chua, that the parents of Asian kids, who seem to be pushing their kids all the time for doing better in their academics, are making their children work towards a better future. The truth however, according to a recent research done by Desiree Qin of Michigan State University, suggests that the demanding parents are actually making their children fall off the wagon.

"Amy said Western children are not happier than Chinese ones. But at the same time, research from our study does show that when parents place a lot of pressure on their kids, the children are less happy”, said Qin. He further added the parents are concerned about the success of their children, compromising things like their happiness.

It was further revealed that the highly motivated and pushed children from a Chinese-American background are the ones who are dealing with problems like stress, low-self esteem and depression the most.

There is need for parents to take things down a nudge, they need to understand the needs of their children, and need to stop pushing them too hard for any6thing. When the child will perform according to his capabilities, with his own free will, he will definitely be happier.