Amazon Bribing People to Write Good Stuff about Them

AmazonIt has been recently revealed in a report that the famous site Amazon has been accused of bribing its customers, so that they write five star reviews for the site. It is undoubtedly one of the best online retail sites, but this allegation of paid reviews has surely plucked out a few feathers off its cap.

It was alleged that customers of the new Kindle fire version have been given written notes that the firm is striving to achieve a five star rating from them, and that they should write their testimonies for the same.

“Thank you for your recent purchase from VIP Deals," "We invite you to write a product review for the Amazon Community. In return for writing the review, we will refund your order so you will have received the product for free”, said the letter sent by the firm.

There is need to cut out ways of such piracy, that would lead to misguiding the other potential buyers about the worth of the products sold here. There is need for unbiased and genuine reviews by the customers, so that others can benefit from the same.

It is essential that these companies don’t bribe their customers, in way of vouchers or discounts. There is need for a check to be kept on the same in the time to come.

The firm surely must’ve got some quality reviews due to this step, but they missed on making genuine relations with their buyers as well as future clients.

There is need for stricter policies to be framed by the authorities so that there are no such activities seen in the near future. The reviews and testimonies need to be kept untouched from the company’s side, so that people can gain from other’s experiences.