New Terminal 3 of Dubai launched

On Thursday, Dubai International Airport launched a new terminal 3 (T3) and Concourse 2, which took US$4.5 billion to construct and is spread over 1.5 million square metres of glass, marble and chrome.

It will help the airport to deal with nearly 60 million passengers annually. It hopes to reach this target within three years.

T3 would open on Tuesday, following which it will handle 17,000 passengers at any given time. By December, the new terminal will deal with Emirates Airline's daily schedule of 250 flights.

Dubai can be proud of this T3 as it is the world's largest airport terminal building, even larger than Beijing's third terminal that was constructed for the summer Olympics. Anita Homayoun, the director of marketing and corporate communications at Dubai Airports, which manages the facility, said, "The new concourse for first and business class travellers features 2,000 seats across two lounges, and is bigger than many entire airports in the Middle East."

More than 10,000sq/m of shops has been built by Dubai Duty Free, which would sell gold, watches and jewellery.

A strain was put on the airport's largest and fastest-growing customer, Emirates, since the new terminal and concourse were pushed back by two years due to the construction delays.

The new terminal has attractive high ceilings, white walls and marble floors. Light and airy feeling is given to the concourse by the skylights. The new terminal has two garden areas having ferns and palm trees.

The airport, with the aim to improve the flow of passengers, has detached the initial screening stage from the security process.

Homayoun added, "We wanted to give passengers a feeling of serenity and tranquility, which is what I think most people are looking for when they travel."