Global Warming Causing Concerns

It has been reported that the intense heat waves have severely impacted the crops, all over the world. It seems like global warming is taking its worse toll over the environment. The information regarding the destruction of the wheat crop was published in the Nature Climate Change.

All over the world, wheat is grown at large quantity. For the growth of wheat crop, a temperate zone of more than 220 million hectares is required. Many countries have been severely hit by the devastating impact of the global warming. The destruction of the wheat crop is a signal that soon there would be an adverse and worse impact across the world by the unstoppable global warming.

The need of the hour is to take necessary steps to prevent further destruction caused by the global warming. The global warming has caused draught in countries like Russia and has also led to tsunami. The environment is causing havoc on the earth as men are failing to cope up with the challenges of the environment.

In India as well, global warming has led to destruction of the wheat crop. There are many farmers who are devastated because of the destroyed crops. Farmers rely over cultivation for their growth and harmony. In the absence of cultivation, their life would be miserable.

The researchers have noted, "These results imply that warming presents an even greater challenge to wheat than implied by previous modeling studies, and that the effectiveness of adaptations will depend on how well they reduce crop sensitivity to very hot days”. At present, the world leaders are holding meetings to solve the problems of global warming.