Facebook Getting Hold of Its Users Mind

Facebook Getting Hold of Its Users MindAddiction of Facebook is something which was brought into attention in the last few years, but now researchers have claimed that a large number of people are addicted of getting updates from the Facebook and about learning the notifications.

Recently, a survey was conducted over 250 people. It was found that people in the day time think much about sleep, sex and Facebook. It was surprising for the researchers to learn that people are more addicted to Facebook notifications as compared to the addiction for alcohol and smoke.

The survey was conducted by the researchers of the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business. For the survey, the researchers noted 8,000 desires of the people. During the survey, the participants said that they had difficulties in controlling their urge for getting updates from the Facebook.

The findings of the survey have been published in the journal Psychological Science. The lead researcher of the study, Wilhelm Hofmann said, “Modern life is a welter of assorted desires marked by frequent conflict and resistance, the latter with uneven success”. While concluding the study, Wilhelm Hofmann said that the finding reveals that on daily basis, people tend to struggle between their internal desires and their obligation towards work.

Earlier, the researchers were of the view that the addiction of alcohol and drug is higher among the masses. But the results of the survey have astonished them, as the addiction of drug and alcohol is quite lower as compared to the Facebook addiction.

Meanwhile, it has been found by another study that controlling the will for food craving can actually help in lowering the consumption of food at later part of the day.