New Health Reforms Mark Cuts On Staff and Funds

New Health Reforms Mark Cuts On Staff and FundsIn a recent report it has been revealed that there is soon going to be a health funding cut of €115 million in the South of the nation. It was further revealed that staff cutting is also going to be done soon. They were of the view that as many as 4500 people are to lose their jobs in the time to come.

In the novel HSE South regional service plan, there is going to be bed closures, cutting on the elderly care sections as well as the mental health area, for the purpose of balancing the accounts well, and saving money for the organizations.

It has been further revealed that every aspect of health service has been given different type of reforms, except for the child care services, which are a politically sensitive issue these days. It’s a matter of time to see whether these reforms actually work for the benefit of the people, or are simply made for making things better for the authorities and the institution.

It has been revealed that child protection and welfare services shall soon get a sum of €3m for betterment, but all this will come with a budget overrun like from the year 2011. The new service plans are supposed to help the authorities as well as the staff of the hospitals to work in close correlation with the patients’ needs.

"It strips away any notion that the Government is even pretending to protect frontline services. It will clearly have a devastating impact on the ability of staff to deliver, especially at CUH to which so many services are being transferred”, said the health spokesperson of Fianna Fail, Billy Kelleher.