The Diablo III to Be Delayed

Diablo-IIIIn a recent report, it has been revealed that the firm Activision Blizzard has said that the Diablo II will turn up later than what it was expected earlier. They revealed this information with their fourth quarter earnings. It has further been added that it shall now be launched till the second quarter of the year 2012.

So if there aren’t any further delays seen, the Diablo III shall be finally released in April to June. It was in September last year, that the firm has said that there shall be the launch of the Diablo III in the early months of the year 2012. Fans had been eagerly waiting for the new version of the hit game series by spring.

It was revealed by Mike Morhaime, the co-founder and CEO of the firm Blizzard, that there are new implementations being made in the game, and the users are sure to be pleased with the outcome for the same, in the time to come. It hasn’t come like a total shock, this delay. It was since the studio has revealed how they are making major overhauling endeavors, to improve the game and the entire experience of the users.

“Our extraordinary employees around the world are focused on making 2012 another great year for our audience and stakeholders. Blizzard Entertainment plans to have multiple highly-anticipated titles to release, including Diablo III, and Activision Publishing expects to release a new Call of Duty game”, said Activision CEO Bobby Kotick.

The wait is something that the game lovers will put up with, for the ultimate gaming experience, once the game is launched. It remains to be seen how well the game is accepted, and whether it can garner the same sort of response like the previous versions had.