Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission Approves 2 Nuclear Reactors in Georgia

NuclearAs per reports, it has been revealed the Southern Co. has got green signal from the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission to build two new nuclear reactors in Georgia. It is great news for nuclear industry as it will be the second nuclear plant which is going to build in the world after Fukushima’s incident.

It is also the second nuclear contract for the country as the first license in the US was given in 1978. There is no doubt that the news is a step closer to development, but Japan’s last year incident has raised concerns about the nuclear plants.

Scott Peterson, who is Vice President of the industry's Nuclear Energy Institute, said that he is quite happy to hear the news. It would bring a fresh wave of hope for further grants for nuclear reactors set up.

It has been further unveiled that the nuclear power plant would be having some really advanced technology but both the plants would have identical designs. Peterson said that in the scenario where supply of natural gas energy is quite low and sun and wind energy is quite unpredictable, nuclear energy would be quite beneficial. The nuclear plants are strong and capable enough to produce power full day.

The plant’s approximate cost is said to be somewhere near $14 billion. But there are people who are opposing the nuclear deal. The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy lead by Steven Smith said that the place does not need any nuclear power plant and they are going to sue the company for this. They further affirmed that the company has personal profit plans.

Smith said that if anyone needs an answer, they would surely give them. He further affirmed, "We would argue that not only from a safety point of view but also from an economic point of view that you need to get these lessons learned incorporated in before you rush to build the reactor”.