Deadly Hepatitis on the Block

Deadly Hepatitis on the BlockIn a recent report, it has been revealed that there has been the strain of Hepatitis A found at the Boise Cheesecake Factory. This was revealed after a person at the place contracted the infection. It could mean that people who dined out during the time from December 13 last year to January 22, which is more than a month, might have a reason to worry. They need to get themselves checked by their GP to find out if they might've contracted the infection from the eatery.

There is also need for one and all to keep a close look at the symptoms, and report it to the GP immediately. These might include loss of appetite, fatigue, dark colored urine, nausea and fever.

It was revealed by David Fostch, of the Central District Health Department, that: "We're still within that window and unfortunately we're past the point where we can do any intervention, hep vaccine... We believe employee practiced good hand hygiene and wasn't handling food with bare hands".

There is a need for thorough analysis of the situation to be done before it can be revealed whether people have actually fallen prey to the disease. There is need for finding out how many people have been infected by the disease, so that they can get medical hep.

It is also essential that it is found so that the place is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, so that there isn't a recurrence of the outbreak in the time to come. Hotel authorities need to be careful that they keep their safety and hygiene standards high. Or else, they could be putting the health of so many people at risk.