First Facial Transplant Seems To have Gone All Well

First Facial Transplant Seems To have Gone All WellIn a recent report it has been revealed how the boy, who created history by being the first person ever to have had a full facial transplant, was allowed to see his face in the mirror for the first time.

The surgery was conducted at the Akdeniz University School of Medicine in the south of Turkey. The name of the boy is Ugur Acar, and he is 19 years old. He had actually suffered from severe facial burns in a house fire, when he was only 40 days old.

He was pleased to see how the doctors have crafted his face to look so much better. He looked good and was happy to see the results achieved by the doctors. He has been advised to grow a beard for a couple of weeks and refrain from using too many facial expressions to avoid any sort of nerve damage.

Dr Omer Ozkan, his doctor is of the view that 'Ugur was prepared for this process, and everything went well.' He didn't need psychiatric or psychological care. We were just there for him to make sure that he didn't need any psychiatric assistance". The surgery was done about a month ago and things have become quiet close to normal for him now. He is recovering from the surgery and is doing well. His new face is surely going to give him the confidence to lead a beautiful life ahead.

The surgery went really well and this was the first time there was a full facial transplant done. Before this, there has been a partial facial transplant done on a woman from France, named Isabelle Dinoire.