Zioptan: A New Innovation from Merck & Co. Solution to Treat Glaucoma

MerckOn Monday, a new Merck & Co. solution for treating a common eye condition, known as Glaucome, has been proved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration. According to the department, this drug Zioptan is capable of curing elevated intraocular pressure in people. This disease is a form of glaucoma or ocular hypertension and is also known as open-angle. When it happens to an individual, most of the pressure mounts upon the optic nerve of his eye.

The active ingredient of this drug is tafluprost. In earlier times, it was used in certain European countries by the name of Saflutan. This name was proposed to be used in the U. S also, but unfortunately didn’t get approve by the FDA and therefore its name was changed to Zioptan.

According to Merck, this is for the first time that a preservative-free prostaglandin analog ophthalmic solution has been made. Reason behind this is that preservatives can result in adverse events if used with some glaucoma drugs. He also shared that several clinical trials have been made with this drug, Zioptan, and within the usage of three to six months, it has successfully lowered down the intraocular pressure.

It is expected that Zioptan will be available for customers from next month onwards. According to a company’s spokeswoman, it would be priced at $97 initially.

Well, on the other hand, there have been reports that in some trial cases this drug has caused some changes to pigment tissues of the areas where it is directed. Eyelash growth has been also effected and there is seen some sort of redness in the eyes.

Prior to this, Merck had designed two more drugs to reduce intraocular pressure, Trusopt and Cosopt. Both of them did not earn market exclusivity in the U. S. and some other countries.