Google Gives New Doodle on This Valentine's Day

Google Gives New Doodle on This Valentine's DayMr. Michael Lipman, a veteran artist has given us a new Google Doodle on this Valentine's Day. Now working for some corporate clients, the Doodle's animator has studied fine art and animation from the University of California, Los Angeles.

In his recent animation, Mr. Lipman has shown a young boy, who is trying to find out the best way to show his affection for the schoolgirl that is skipping the rope in the doodle.

He offers her beautiful flowers but could not impress her. Then he starts searching Google to find out a lovely gift for the girl, he tries to impress her with chocolates; colorful balloons and even with a rabbit in a top hat but fails to impress the girl.

Finally the love sick Romeo joins the girl in her skipping and becomes her partner for the day.

Music of the dulcet tones of Grammy-winning Mr. Tony Bennett, who is singing the bluesy Hank Williams tune "Cold, Cold Heart" during the doodle, adds best sentiments to the blossoming romance between the lover boy and his gal.

The Doodle's animator has explained regarding his doodle that "These characters are archetypes, with no dialogue, so it can play around the world". Referring to the girl in the sketch, he added: "That was every girl I met up until college. The little girl who couldn't see the magic within [me] - she had many faces".

Valentine's Day is originally celebrated as a saint's day marking the martyrdom of early Christians. Google has many reasons to affect one emotionally, many times positive but sometimes negative too. This newest effort of Google's small but powerful Dept. of Human Beings (aka the Doodlers) has given refreshing moments on this Valentine's Day.