Samsung to Spin Off LCD Segment

Samsung to Spin Off LCD SegmentIn a recent report, it has been revealed that Samsung, the electronic giant is considering spinning off the LCD unit of the firm. They are hoping to do so, in order to bring their business back on track. Their business has been seen suffering and this is one of the measures of the firm to balance its books and make things as normal as they can in the time to come.

The reason for the move is the fall of 10% which has been seen in the sales of the company last year. The demand for the products has also seemed to slow down. This is one of the effects of the slow market conditions prevailing these days, which has seemed to upset many major companies across the world, in this economically low time for the world markets.

The competition is also one reason for the recent setbacks received by the company, and they are desperately trying to make things work out for themselves right now.

"The LCD business is not good enough now and I think that Samsung is looking to focus on new business. We believe that the LCD segment worldwide is in an over-supply situation", said Annabelle Hsu of IDC.

The LCD market is full of cut throat competition, and due to enhanced versions like the LED coming into picture, sales of the firms have suffered. There is need for Samsung to make strategic steps for the enhancement and boosting their sales in the time to come. They need to understand their priorities well, before they make their next move. It is important to set such effective plans for promotion and growth that the firm succeeds in the time to come.