China Keeping Tab on Air Pollution

ChinaIn a recent study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it has come to light that in 2005 China succumbed to $112 billion lose because of air pollution. According to the study, the rampant air pollution has led to reduced economic productivity.

The findings of the study have been published in the journal Global Environmental Change. The researchers of the study observed the effects of ozone and particulates to draw the conclusion that air pollution has severely affected the lives of many.

The two subjects, ozone and particulates, cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. It has been informed that the ozone is an outcome of chemical plants, motor vehicles, industrial boilers and gasoline pumps. If ozone is inhaled, it could lead to discomfort in breathing, inflammation of the airways and coughing.

Previous studies have highlighted that daily inhalation of ozone could lead to higher incidences of asthma attacks, and could even lead to death. Particulates are also as harmful as ozone. Although air pollution has been taking toll on China for past many years, the country has paid attention to it only recently.

The country is now said to be monitoring the quantity of air pollutants so that a tab on it could be maintained. With the pursuit of reducing emission of harmful gases in the air, the authorities have announced to strategies to reduce the air pollution by 15% in Beijing by 2015.

Overall, the country is aiming to reduce air pollution by 30% by the year 2020. It is hoped that the country would be able to reduce the air pollution, which is said to be solely responsible for causing respiratory diseases. Moreover, amidst the global climate change, keeping a tab over the pollution is strictly a wise move.