Flu Season Arrives in Missouri

Flu Season Arrives in MissouriAs per reported information, it has been revealed that health officials have recently claimed that the flu season is here at last, and it has here marked the slowest start since the last 25 years or so.

In addition, it has been said that the flu season which can easily prove detrimental in case it is not dealt with in the nick of time, is hitting rapidly all over the region and Missouri is experiencing harder strikes as compared to any state, but California.

As of now, irregular influenza action was noticed by medical officials from the District of Columbia, Alaska, Guam, Delaware, Arkansas, Hawaii, Florida, Louisiana, Indiana and Maine.

Flu season, more often than not, begins in the month of December or January most probably and it is frequently half over by the fall of February. However, one of the most striking aspects of the flu season here is that it is just starting now, thereby it has been claimed by a large number of researchers and medical experts from all over the region that the delayed flu season may well result in playing a spoilsport all over the region.

In addition, it has been added that the flu season, which is finally here, will be most [probably a severe one as compared to other flu season that have come this way during the last 25 years or so.

While expressing their opinion in this regard, along with mentioning the potential pros and cons that can be witnessed in the time to follow due to the late arrival of flu season in the region, it has been recently revealed by CDC officials that the reason of the delay in coming of the flu season this year ids yet to be revealed, though they admitted that it can prove quite harsh for people if timely precaution is not taken by them to avert the harmful consequences of flu.