Dioxins in Food, Might Be Harmful

Dioxins in Food, Might Be HarmfulIt has been recently revealed that the Environmental Protection Agency said dioxin might be able to put people to a high risk of immune system problems as well as skin problems. There was however no formal type of health concern warning given about the possible contaminant.

It was further revealed that the research says that exposure to the substance tends to have an ill effect on the health of a person; over a prolonged period of time. It tends to develop into a health risk.

It was revealed that the EPA has actually set maximum exposure levels to the substance on humans. The Food as well as the chemical industry on the other hand are of the view that the research hasn’t given any positive results and that it will just mean scaring people about the food they eat. The federal authorities responded to this saying that there aren’t going to be any new rules put across for putting a limit on the dioxin levels in food products.

"Consumers should eat a balanced diet and follow the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010, and should not avoid any particular foods because of dioxin”, said the FDA in a report. The side effects of the dioxins might tend to range from damage done to the immune system, to excessive body hair, skin rashes and discoloration and so on. It might also lead to mild liver dysfunction in extreme cases. The fact is that the levels of dioxins in the food and drinks in the modern day are so less that it is actually negligible and there isn’t a reason for people to worry about, at least for now. All they need to do is eat healthy food.