Fasting Might Ward of Alzheimer’s

FastingIt has been recently revealed in a research that if one tends to fast, for at least once in a week, this shall add to the health and life of the person. It was found that not eating for a few days a month might tend to safeguard the body from Alzheimer’s disease as well as a number of other degenerative diseases that one might tend to face due to the many pressures and tensions and ageing.

This is actually by restricting the intake of calories in the body, which will tend to help in increasing the life span. When tested on mice, it seemed to work wonders; there might be a similar effect of the act found in humans as well.

It was revealed by Professor Mark Mattson, the head from the National Institute on Ageing in Baltimore that the reduction in calories in the body will help the functioni8ng of the brain. It was still added that cutting down food levels might not be a very advisable trend to follow for the same. This is because it will help the brain as it might tend to have ill effects on the rest of the body in the long run. Starving isn’t a good sign and one needs to eat healthy and nutritious food everyday to stay in the pink of health.

"High levels of the hormone, which is produced to control sugar levels after a meal or snack, are usually associated with lower brain power and are at a higher risk of diabetes”, he said. There is need for finding an idea; diet which works for the benefit of the body in the long run. It will help in making a person physically fit and healthy for a long time.