UK Commuters to Get a New Airport Facility: Creche at Dublin Airport

DublinA notice from DAA read, "Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) is continually reviewing and improving the facilities it provides both to the public and the wider airport campus staff. As part of this policy, DAA is currently investigating the provision of a creche facility at Dublin Airport".

Yes, this is true. Very soon, the Dublin Airport will have a crèche for young kids whose parents are either staff at the Dublin airport else they will travel from this airport on a regular basis.

This creche will be open for all UK commuters, so now the parents no more need to drop their kids at home all alone for big two weeks.

The airport is searching for a company that could effectively run this new crèche. It has introduced the tender also for interested parties.

As disclosed by the DAA, this creche facility will be placed in a landside location on the Dublin Airport. This will be the most suitable hub for children of airport campus staff, passengers and local residents.

Till now, nothing has been finalized yet, as the DAA is reviewing the compatibilities of various companies. As told by Siobhan Moore, of the DAA, Irish commuters are changing with a fast pace now. Many of them travel UK on daily basis. For such parents, the airport is trying to assist all those crèche facilities for which they are generally concerned about.

The previous crèche at the airport was only for the kids of airport staff, but now the recent facilities are hoping to offer child care options for many others.

Moore also added, "Like all businesses we can't keep this one rigid and we want to make it more accessible for people. This is a different way of thinking about it. It's all about providing options”.