Beautician in Tyler Accused of Performing Illegal Butt and Breast Enhancement Procedures

Beautician in Tyler Accused of Performing Illegal Butt and Breast Enhancement ProceduresCarmel Mitchelle Foster-Alexander, a beautician in Tyler running her own Queen Divas Hair Salon and Spa has been been jailed for administering illegal breast augmentation injections to clients.

Recently, one customer of this beautician has been hospitalized in critical condition. She took those injections from her and experienced severe chest pain soon after.

Foster resided in a rural house at north of Marshall. She was arrested from there on Thursday around 1 p. m. A tip led Harrison County sheriff's deputies was sent to arrest her. Now she is in the Harrison County Jail in Marshall and is expecting to return to Smith County. The Bail has been set at $200,000.

Till now, two cases have come into notice. Foster practiced medicine without a license over them. According to police reports, many other injection recipients have also come forward and there are chances that more charges against her get filed.

One of her former employees also shared the horrific details about incidents that took place inside this Queen Divas Salon. She told the police, "The needles were long and it would take a minute to put them up in the butt or the breast. It takes three shots to make your butt lift and she would close it up with gauze and super glue. Sometimes if it was leaking she would use a whole tube of super glue for one wound".

The name and identity of this employee has not been disclosed but as told by her, Foster use to perform dozens of such acts everyday in the back room of her salon. The employee was under the belief that Foster is qualified and licensed to perform such procedures. She was shown the certificates also for the same. But according to police, all her buttocks and breast enhancement procedures were illegal.