British Heart Foundation Charity Spreads Heart Health Awareness

BHFWhile there is no doubt left that heart diseases are becoming contentious issue across the world, it was seen that people gave full fledge support to the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF’s) National Wear Red Day. It was organized by members of the Scarnell Road School’s student council in order to make sure that the deserving level of attention is being paid to the rising concern of heart.

Specifically for the day, it was made mandatory that people would be wearing red and bringing in a donation of minimum 50p. There is no doubt that heart issues have become more or less concerning for people of all the ages and perhaps this is what is making people come forward for the noble cause.

“We have two pupils who have been personally helped by the BHF, one for a hole in the heart and another who needs to be regularly monitored”, said Teaching assistant Karen Withers, who helps to run the student council. In excess of 100 people came forward from Cromer Junior School to be part of the drive. There were many people who participated in the drive as they have seen their near and dear ones dying due to the same. They can actually feel the pain of those who are going through such health concerns.

Along with raising funds, it was confirmed that people got to know about healthy diet and exercise which can make them develop the immunity to range of other health issues. There is need for people to pay heed to what health experts for long have been saying about positive lifestyle which can help shove off range of health issues.

There are over 29,000 people in Norfolk who are registered with their GPs for developing coronary heart disease and over 1,000 died from the disease last year, thereby making it clear that there is lot to be done to contain the situation.