Why Few Young Women Prefer Older Men?

zebrafishAs revealed in a new report, Dr. Sheri Johnson, a researcher from the Otago University, New Zealand, is aiming to find the most possible cause of attraction of some young women to men older than them.

It is being believed by the researcher that study of zebrafish could help reveal the secret, which is why she has been investing almost $345,000 on an analysis of 700 zebrafish, found the report. According to the findings, she has chosen zebrafish to find the reason of attraction to older men amongst women because it fertilizes its egg externally and thus, makes it easy for the process to be understood by analysts.

While it is always said since years that there is very little chance of a woman to get attracted to older males because of the fact that older men show decline in sperm function. Also, there is a higher risk of birth defect if a young woman gets engaged with an older man. The researcher Dr. Johnson told that she would find out the answer to the same through the latest study on zebrafish.

As per her statement, various studies have shown that men show vast differences in semen volume, sperm motility and morphology with difference in age i. e. when they are in thirties and when they are in their fifties though. And women, who want to become pregnant and are in need of a sperm donor, would not choose an older man for sure.

It has been told by the group manager of Fertility Associates, John Peek that a man grows cell disorder with an increase in age, but a woman chances to discover cell disorder with age are more. Thus, Dr. Johnson's study might prove largely helpful in finding the reason of preferring older men by women, he said.