Quadruple transplant Turkish Patient Dies

TurkishAs per reports, it has been revealed that a Turkish patient, who underwent quadruple limb transplant, has lost his life at Hacettepe University Hospital, Ankara. It was the world’s first quadruple limb transplant, but it could not turn out to be complete success.

There was a team of 200 doctors, who attached two legs and then two arms to Sevket Cavdar. Doctors said that it is quite disheartening to know that they have lost a patient on whom they worked so hard.

The transplant operation continued for 90 hours, but the patient, who was admitted in the intensive care unit after the surgery suffered metabolic imbalance and later died. Professor Murat Tunce, who was also part of the operation team, said "We are in deep sorrow of losing our patient despite the ceaseless efforts of nearly 200 doctors and health personnel for about 90 hours”.

Everything changed in just couple of days as earlier when surgery news was publicized then all the medical fraternity was congratulating the doctors working at Hacettepe University Hospital for their efforts.

Health Minister Recaps Akdag was of the view that he would like to congratulate the team on behalf of all the Turkish people. However, the death news has turned the tables completely.