Unlimited International Calling Being Offered by Vonage

Vonage, the popular provider of voice and messaging services, has decided to spread some holiday cheer by offering users of mobile phones an unlimited number of international calls to over 60 countries for a single flat monthly rate.

An enhancement to the Vonage Mobile application has been announced by the company, which will now include the Vonage World calling plan. Customers will now be offered unlimited international calls at a flat rate, and users of iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones and the iPod Touch can subscribe to the service and gain access to the offer, as has been confirmed by the company.

"Vonage World Mobile is a natural extension of the popular Vonage World home-based calling plan. As mobile devices (phones, PCs, netbooks) become more powerful, broadband networks become more available and 3G/4G data networks become more open, we envision a future where Vonage delivers calls, readable voicemail, texts, MMS and video calls from any device, using any broadband connection", said Vonage CEO Marc Lefar.

In October, the firm had launched the Vonage Mobile application, which enables customers to use calling services on Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Also, the company, in order to push the promotion of its latest offering further, has announced a Refer-a Friend contest, and the grand price winner will be awarded a $1,000 Target Gift Cars for singing up the maximum number of friends.