Mother Gets Wrong Baby to Breastfeed at Hospital

BreastfeedAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a mother in United Kingdom breastfed a wrong baby who belonged to someone else following an incident in which hospital authorities handed the women the mistaken infant.

The statements have been confirmed recently during the course of a hearing held so resolve the matter of injustice.

The blunder took place at the Worksop, central England-based Bassetlaw Hospital when two new mums permitted their restless newborns to be shifted to another space of the hospital.

The details of court proceedings, on Tuesday, magnetized a large number of media people and the entire region was itching to know the exact truth behind the episode.

It was revealed that staff later handed over the wrong kids to the unspecified women, dubbed Mother A and Mother B, and they only realized the blunder when one of the newborns had been breastfed. It needs no mention that such a mix-up can be really awkward and hard to digest by anyone.

In the meantime, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) was informed that midwife Jill Ashmore made a world of attempts for the sake of covering up the incident that took place in November 2007. It is said that in November
2007, Mother A was informed that her newborn was not fed during the period of their separation.

Midwife Jill Ashmore also said all what she could with the intent of persuading a student for keeping quiet on the bungle following initialization of an inquest at the Worksop, Notts-based Bassetlaw Hospital. While expressing his views in this regard, David Clarke, of the NMC, said: “These events occurred when the registrant was working as a midwife at the Bassetlaw Hospital”.