1.3mn EU Nationals Breathing in Distress Down to Cancer

cancerIn what may well turn out to be no less than an unnerving bloodshed, reports have warned that in excess of 1.3 million individuals are likely to die of cancer during the course of the year in progress, all over the European Union. On the other hand, providing some sort of a sigh of relief, a recently concluded research, which was carried out by the researchers from Switzerland and Italy, has claimed that the rates of mortality down to cancer are decreasing slowly but surely.

The findings of the research, which have been made available in the recent Wednesday edition of the Annals of Oncology journal, are based on a research conducted in more than 27 EU nations and took into account almost all forms of cancer. It was discovered that as compared to women, men are more at risk of dying due to the ailment, and the considerable decline in the death toll due to breast cancer will almost certainly reduce the rates of mortality among women.

Regardless of all these statements and speculations, it is clear than crystal that breast cancer is still the utmost reason of cancer deaths among women all over the EU bloc. Lung cancer, which is mainly caused by smoking, tends to kill more men as compared to any other form of cancer all over the blocs of the European Union.

Researchers further gave their prediction that EU cancer mortality rate of 139 for every 100,000 men and 85 for 100,000 women during the year in progress.

While making comparison with the number of deaths confirmed in due to cancer in the year 2007, the latest year of cancer assessment done by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the majority of EU nations, it will most probably demonstrate a decline of 10% among men and 7% among women.