Vitamin A Decreases Risk of Cancer

Vitamin A Decreases Risk of CancerIt has been recently revealed in a report that the consumption of vitamin A tends to decrease the risk of contracting skin cancer in people. The report has been conducted by a team of researchers from Denver.

It was revealed according to the report that vitamin A tends to decrease the risk of skin cancer by replenishing the nutrients in the body and decreases the risk by as much as 60%. The lead author of the study, Dr. James DeVito, is of the view that people of Denver might be particularly benefitted with this research because the place has a strong sun throughout the year, thus, increasing the risk of cancer.

"We use it because it has a polishing effect on the skin, it can smooth out the skin, it helps with fine lines and wrinkles, it also helps with acne", he said. He further warned about the sort of disadvantages the vitamin might tend to have if it's taken in excess.

Too much of vitamin A puts one to the risk of vision problems, as well as osteoporosis. It tends to make the bones weak and brittle and this is something one needs to be aware of. This is why all sort of vitamins and minerals, in the form of supplements, need to be taken in moderation, and after consulting a physician.

It is hence essential to eat a healthy and balanced diet. This shall suffice the need of vitamin A in the body, while not overdoing it. Cancer is a horrible disease and it's affecting the people living across the world, causing them to lead miserable lives and die a painful death.

Simply taking vitamin A supplements might be a great way of avoiding the disease and is sure worth a try, but only after consulting the physician for the same.