Sun-dried Tomatoes Linked to Hepatitis Spate

TomatoesHealth experts are busy probing a pandemic of the potentially life-threatening hepatitis over claims that sun-dried tomatoes, chefs’ favorites, are responsible for spiking up the severity of the outbreak.

The reports were revealed yesterday following recent evidence in which it was found that s many as seven individuals caught symptoms hinting towards hepatitis A which, as per medical officials, is a highly infectious ailment and can easily result in causing terminal complications in liver and other organs of the patient suffering from it.

The health warning, as per reports, was kick started after two cases of the disease were spotted in the region during the fall of last year by the HPA. It was mainly a result of the inefficiency of concerned officials in testing food in realtion to the virus, and the lack of knowledge on account of the brand of the alleged sun-dried tomato which are accountable for the outbreak.

While expressing his opinion in this regard, a spokesperson for FSA, the Food Standards Agency, claimed: “Sun-dried tomatoes are being investigated as one possible source of the hepatitis A cases. However, no food source has been conclusively identified and no other relevant cases have been reported in the UK”.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) of the Government, along with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is high on alerts regarding several further reporting in the segment, with the probabilities growing far higher ever since the time when five women and two men were reported down with the deadly infection.

In addition, it has been revealed that the East of England is maximum hurt by the infection as four of the total patients confirmed for the infection are from East of England, while two cases have been reported from London and one from the South West.