Canada Looking For Alternative Drugs amidst Shortage of Drugs

Canada Looking For Alternative Drugs amidst Shortage of Drugs The shortage of drug is being witnessed by many countries. However, it seems like Canada has found a temporary solution to the prevalent shortage of drugs. It has been reported that for time being, Canada would be importing drugs.

The Federal Government has already contacted a number of pharmaceutical companies for the supply of drugs. However, a reply from them is yet to come. It has been informed that many hospices of Canada are lacking essential drugs which are often used during operations.

In the past couple of years, gradual shortage of drugs has been witnessed in the country. The shortage of drugs is occurring due to many reasons, one of the reasons being lack of finance. It has further come to light that a drug manufacturer, Sandoz has stopped producing drugs for the time being.

Sandoz is working towards improving the quality of the drugs so that they could meet the changed manufacturing standards by the US Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Robert Cushman from Health Canada was reported as saying, “People want a collective solution to this. We can work with industry and the purchasers -- the provinces -- in terms of looking at alternative sources of supply... and how can we best bring them into Canada in short order”.

The authorities are hopeful that the alternative drugs would help in overcoming the shortage. It has further come to light that there is shortage of raw supply, which mainly comes from India and China. The number of patients seeking treatment is increasing significantly. But the supply of drug is falling steeply. It is hoped that a solution to the declining supply of drugs would be found soon.