NSW Hospitals Focus on Patients’ Health

hygieneA new report has uncovered excellent results about hospitals across NSW in terms of health and hygiene of patients. It has been found that hospitals have committed further safety and health of patients too.

As per the findings of the report, concerning the worsening health of patients, hand wash by doctors and caretakers had been declared as a mandate by health experts amid all hospitals across NSW. And, the latest analysis has found enhanced rates of hand hygiene equivalent to 75.9% by NSW hospitals on a whole.

The report has found that avoidance of a simple suggestion of hand wash by health staff was causing patients to suffer different infections. As per the NSW Minister for Health Jillian Skinner, hand wash is the only effective method to avert any hospital associated infections.

It has been revealed through the report that while the national average for hand hygiene compliance rate is 72.6%, a hospital named Walcha’s Multi Purpose Service Hospital has shown highest figures equivalent to 89.1% this week. The report says that the figure released in October 2011 is not only higher than the national average rate, but the hospital has shown increase as compared to its own data, which was 61.8% in April 2010.

John Ferguson, a spokesman for Hunter New England Health, was very much pleased with the figures released and he added that although a considerable result has been out, hospitals stills need to show more improvements and therefore, staff would still be educated over health related subjects.

“Hand hygiene is a regular topic of conversation in our wards and we display the audit results in ward areas as a reminder to staff to keep up the good work”, Dr. Ferguson further affirmed.