Australia Deals With India to Kill Anaemia

bananaA report has uncovered recently that an Australian university, in collaboration with an Indian Biotechnological department, is aiming at fighting with the problem of the iron-deficiency known as anaemia, for which they have agreed on an agreement.

It has been revealed by the report that iron deficiency is a common problem amongst developing countries such as India. Iron deficiency is caused by vegetarianism as well as low consumption of nutritive foods, reveals the report.

The report has also found that anaemia is mainly diagnosed amidst pregnant women, sometimes resulting in maternal deaths too. Thus, an agreement had been put before India's Department of Biotechnology by Australia's Queensland University of Technology to eradicate the problem, which has been duly signed by it.

The association has been aiming at developing new banana strains that would probably help in bringing the problem to an end. For the same, the agreement demands cooperation of the Indian government, saying it would be needed to fund the plan to be headed by Distinguished Professor James Dale, director of the Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities at QUT, for a period of four years.

It is being said that the development of strains of bananas would surely help people to take an iron-rich diet, thereby helping in solving the issue. As per the findings of the report, the new technology would be produced by the QUT scientists and it would then be transferred to India. It has been revealed that though the technology would be developed in four years, it would take another five years to prepare bananas before it reaches Indian farmers.

“This is the first such project in agriculture that India has undertaken with another country. It means a lot to us”, said QUT Vice-Chancellor Peter Coaldrake and Renu Swarup, of the DoB, who signed the deal.