Boeing Chairman Receives Performance Award

Boeing Chairman Receives Performance AwardA report has recently unveiled that James McNerney, the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Co. (BA), has been honored with a 2009-2011 performance award of $4.26 million.

It has been reported in a proxy filing that the officer has received compensation equivalent to $22.96 million, with a net increase of 16% from $19.74 million received by him last year. The report has found that he has been continuously showing improvement in compensation since last two years.

As per the findings of the report, his compensation in the year 2010 was a total of base salary of $1.93 million with option awards of $3.30 million and non-equity incentive plan compensation of $4.43 million.

Also, the previous year’s compensation included stock awards of $3.42 million, base salary of $1.93 million along with non-Equity incentive plan compensation of $8.70 million. Also, it comprised option awards of $3.42 million and some other compensation nearly up to $0.93 million.

It has been revealed that his increased compensation in 2011 included his target annual incentive payout that remained at 170% of base salary and a maximum potential payout of 230% of base salary.