Rocket Launch Rescheduled

NASAIt has been recently revealed in a report that NASA has planned to reschedule the launching of the 5 rockets that were previously delayed their flight from Virginia. That has been due to the bad weather conditions in the area.

It has further been said that these rockets were actually a part of a jet stream study. The launch had to be made on Thursday from the space centre of NASA situated on the Wallops Island, but had been pushed forward due to the bad weather. The work of these rockets is to release a chemical tracer that would be in the form of a white cloud.

This would be able to help the people and scientists see the course and direction of winds. There have previously been postponements made of the same kind as well. It has been said that the Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment shall soon be able to help scientists in understanding the way the jet stream functions and this would help them in developing their further course of action as well.

The team now hopes that the weather remains favorable so that these findings can be completed with the help of the launch and the rest of the experiment.