Poor Conditions At Home Makes Children Ill, Says Study

ChildrenAs per a recent study, it has been revealed that the children in New Zealand are living in such homes, which are not healthy for their growth. The Growing up in New Zealand longitudinal study said that their main concern was that children were living in damp homes, which leave them with breathing problems.

The study director, Susan Morton, said that they surveyed 700 children to reach at the above given conclusion. They looked their health for the first nine months of their life and found that many children were living in damp houses, which created problem for their life.

One of the parents, who took part in the research Leah and Soli Fanolua, said that their three-year-old son has to be admitted in hospital in every winter as he gets asthma attack. All this has happened due to heavy rain leaks in their house. The leakage keeps the floor damp, said Leah and increases the rate of condensation during winters.

They have no option, but to make his child live in a damp house. It is not that they did not try for other house, but they are not getting a better house, and the one they get is expensive.

"Even in those families where you expect that there wouldn't be issues with paying for heating or putting heating in a home, we were still seeing homes that were cold and damp”, said Morton. In addition, smoking is another problem, which causing health problems to children.

Morton said that their survey has found that one in three children live in a family where at least one person smokes. Morton further affirmed that she was quite surprised to know that children are exposed to such a level of smoking.