Union Formed for Representing Cannabis Dispensary Workers

CannabisIt has been reported that a union has been formed by a large number of workers of Los Angeles pot shops against the proposed ban on dispensaries supplying marijuana. It has been informed that if the ban is introduced then the supply of marijuana would be restricted all over the city.

It has been informed that the union thus formed consists of 35,000 members. The members of the union include grocery workers, healthcare providers and pharmacists. If the ban comes to effect, marijuana industries would be restricted from selling marijuana to the public. However, the patients suffering from lethal diseases would be allowed to have it under prescription.

The members of the union are asking the authorities to keep the dispensaries open. It has further been informed that the authorities are using lottery system to choose the dispensaries which would be allowed to stay open. The City Attorney has asked the authorities to do away with such practice as it will evoke anger among the marijuana industry workers.

The President of Greater Los Angeles Collectives Alliance, Yamileth Bolanos, said: “It's time to bring in some big guns. Not only are they threatening access for patients, they're also trying to take jobs away from our employees”.

It has been revealed that the ban on dispensaries would make a large number of people jobless. Marijuana is prescribed to cancer patients mainly to ease out the agonizing pain. Looking at the number of people protesting against the proposed ban, it seems like politicians would have to face a tough time in taking the decision. The formation of the union was announced on Thursday. It has been informed that, in the coming time, the union would be also raising voice to improve the wages, introduce decent hours and health care benefits.