Facebook Focused on Building Property

FacebookIt has been recently revealed that Facebook might be on the way to buy IBM patents in the time to come. It was said that this is being done so that the firm can show its intellectual property which might prove to be helpful in the patent infringement case.

There are a number of technologies such as networking and software included in these patents and this is what makes it such a lucrative offer overall.

“We expect the number of patent and other intellectual property claims against us to grow We may introduce new products, including in areas where we currently do not compete, which could increase our exposure to patent and other intellectual property claims”, said the firm, in a statement released recently.

It needs to be able to sort out some of the major issues like building a firm background so that it is able to put on a brave face at court in the time to come. This shall help the company in gaining more success and be able to get over with the patents issue in the time to come.

Yahoo and Facebook have been involved in a number of other minor brawls as well, but this one needs proper attention.