Researchers Reveal New Hope to Treat Dengue

Researchers Reveal New Hope to Treat DengueAs per a recent report, published in the Open Access Journal PLoS Pathogens, it has been uncovered by a team of researchers from Purdue University in the US that dengue can be treated with a medication used for curing diabetes.

The researchers at Purdue's Bindley Bioscience Center and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory carried out a survey in collaboration with Perera with an aim to seek how the mosquito-borne pathogen caused a change in lipids in membranes that surround organelles like mitochondria, structures inside cells.

In the meantime, it has been told by the team that mitochondria are responsible for providing energy to cells that are unable to function. Also, these energize the endoplasmic reticulum, where lipids and proteins are synthesized.

As per the findings of the team, the virus tactfully alters internal architecture in order to fulfill its own requirements. It was concluded by the team that certain lipids present in biochemical sensors and membranes are altered, which alarm cells of attacking virus.

After discovering the same, the team anticipates that medications used to control cholesterol, which is a lipid-related condition, or similar other illnesses, could prove beneficial in treating dengue as well. The surveyors also found that the virus uses important host enzymes, which may be the target of antiviral drugs in future.

The team has told that the medications can be equally helpful in curing yellow fever and hepatitis C. It is being said by research scientist Rushika Perera that they would also conduct a review of the study so as to determine why the virus changes lipids to attack and spread the infection. “Identifying pathways of infection will help us understand how these viruses work”, Richard J. Kuhn, the head of the Department of Biological Sciences said.