New Cholesterol Drug on the Block

Cholesterol-DrugIt has been recently revealed in a report that the experimental drug Amgen can be effective in the treatment of people suffering from high cholesterol levels.

The research proved that taking monthly shots of the drug might be capable of treating raised cholesterol levels in people. Cholesterol might be the reason for a number of diseases in people like raised blood pressure and even heart diseases. It is extremely essential that one eats well and exercise well to keep the cholesterol levels down. Besides this, the drug might be really helpful for people who are at a high risk of diseases due to increased cholesterol levels.

The drug has been created by Regeneron pharmaceuticals and it is of the view that registering it once a month will help prevent high cholesterol levels. This would tend to safeguard the person from the risk of an array of diseases in the long run.

“We gave two doses four weeks apart and at the eighth week there was minimal tapering off the potency of the drug. The 66-percent reduction of LDL was maintained”, said Clapton Dias, Amgen's medical services director.

There is a need for more efforts to be made to make such a cure that can totally fight the onset of high cholesterol levels so that the heart remains safe from any sort of disease.

It needs to be seen how the drug actually functions when given to patients, and then only it can be distributed for sale in the time to come. It might be a good way of keeping the cholesterol levels down and the possibilities of heart diseases low in the long run.